What Makes Me Happy About Garden Parties

We had a garden party with around 40 people from 2pm - 7pm.

I just have to rave about how amazing our engagement party was! What a fab party and I LOVE the boob cake! One friend baked us a cake bought us a wish jar which was passed around for everyone to write their engagement wishes for us in! Overall the whole party cost us $200 - and $70 of that was us buying a large gazebo which we will also use for future parties! Congrats! Congrats!! The party looks awesome and you guys look so happy and adorable! :) Congrats! This was amazing. All of the other couples have children, which Pete and Trudy are struggling to do, and their dance redeems them.

This is where Roger hosts his garden party, Peggy smokes pot, and Joan plays the accordion for Greg's coworkers . I am so high That's my favorite Peggy line in the entire series, lol. I'm curious how people feel -- has lots of ups and downs and seems kind of controversial on this sub.

Incredibly late to this, and off topic, but I had to say that I love your username, OP! Yes, oh my god, when Pete and Trudy are happy together it's the sweetest thing.

I watched it recently and it might be my favorite. I also like how they're showing off something that they can do that the other couples can't. It was the closest MM got to a full-blow musical, at least until "The Best Things in Life Are Free. " I hope you're happy Also, have an upvote I gotta put this on my rewatch list. It's one of those that makes for so much more sense when you see it in perspective. The Charleston area is fun, buts its also amusing how the upper class Campbells literally elbow the Cranes off the dancefloor.

Also rememeber this is before Harry was an asshole back when the Campbell marriage qas the most solid on the show. Roger singing in blackface, Joan singing with her accordion, Kinsey and his college pal singing a capella, Pete and Trudy in an extended dance sequence.

The actual term he uses is that he "relieved himself" - a term typically used for a numero uno. Also in there is Petes distaste for his parent's generation's attitudes about race and Don's disgust with Roger's blatant flaunting of his mid life crisis.

Another oft overlooked plot element is the always well-to-do Trudy and Betty almost unconsciously excluding Jennifer Crane.

Love watching Pete and Trudy dance and Don make Hilton the drink. It had a lot of classic moments, and was a real pivotal point in the series, due to the scenes you mentioned.

And Jennifer being furious with Harry while Pete and Trudy are dancing is perfect. And Peggy coming up with the perfect Bacardi campaign even when she's high as a kite. Don and Pete are the only ones who are visibly disgusted. I love it that they don't even need to give her any dialogue there. You can hear them whispering "I grew up in a club just like this!" How adorable Trudy looks while dancing, of course. It's actually really nice, and makes the relationship realistic. Trudy and Peter clearing the floor with their awesome Charleston!