Why Is Cornwell Special

For years the children of Cornwall have been taught that they are English, that Cornwall is an English county and nothing more.

We have a bunch of factors that make Cornwall a lot different than, say, Bristol or Plymouth, but those are factors that are present in other places too. I know it went all blue in the last general election, but traditionally Cornwall has been a liberal stronghold. I couldnt imagine where I would be if I didnt get out of Cornwall tbh. And of of recent events it looks like Cornwall is only going to get more sidelined by Westminster from now. To refer to Cornwall as a mere "county" talks down and belittles it, and to do so is very much to Cornwall's disadvantage. However simply referring to Cornwall as a Duchy rather than a county is a small but important step. The constitutional issues surrounding Cornwall are very confused and can not be addressed without bringing the Duke and his authority into question. After college I went up country for Uni, best decision I made, back in Cornwall now, but education wise I feel I got a better one up country.

Though I do call Cornwall a duchy and mention bits and pieces about the history of the place and people when it's relevant, especially the rebellions. That, and Cornwall is tiny with no-one in it, making nationalism lesser. Cornwall's proper title is Duchy, as confirmed and recommended by the Royal Commission on the Constitution in 1973. The aforementioned expert on Constitutional Law, Dr John Kirkhope, finds Cornwall's closest equivalent to be the Seigneury of Sark. This. This popped up in my Facebook feed and I thought people here would be interested. It's complicated, when talking to many people there is a great deal of "Cornish identity" especially when talking to older people. I only went to Exeter, but holy shit there's just so much more up here for the young.

In fact the political will from the establishment is to mute any sense of nationalism from the Cornish. Most people just think it's me being awkward and it just makes for an easier life upcountry to glaze over the issue.