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At home in the hills of Cornwell.

On Cornwell

The food is amazing there, some of the best I had in Cornwall. I'm visiting Cornwall for a weeks holiday, staying in Hayle with my wife and our 9 month old baby. The Red River Inn isn't Cornwall renowned or anything, they just do great food for an average meal out price. We go every time we are in Cornwall, and it is 1000% worth the drive. If you want a nice drive, then take the St Ives road to Zennor.

If you're going to Penzance, then I recommend going a tiny bit further to Mousehole. I have done a fair bit of travelling but place names like St Ives and Penzance seem really exotic and exciting to me! I know the Eden project has had a tough time on this but I still want to see it. Is there anything else Cornwall has up its sleeve? This is a fair drive, but I'd you're heading down to Lands End way anyway, definitely take this road as it's really stunning. St Ives of course, as you said, but it will be very very busy. If you're going crazy and want somewhere walking distance, then the Salt Bar is a similar kind of deal to Red River. I have a reservation for rick stein's but have realised its about an hour from Hayle - whoops.

If yiu just want good food then I'd say Red River or Salt Bar. I recommend parking either at the National Trust car park at Godrevy or the Gwithian Towans car park.

I definitely recommend using the park and ride service from St Erth train station. Some nice restaurants near Hayle is the Red River Inn in Gwithian , Salt Bar , Trevaskis Farm , Rockpool. I'm a little biased as I grew up there but it really is a lovely unspoiled village.

Welcome to Cornwell


The sign says welcome to Cornwall, the people say welcome to Cornwall give us the tourist cash then fuck off.

I don't need your precious signal The only thing I know about Cornwall is that Cornish knights are cowards. It is shopped, the real one says "Kernow a'gas dynergh" or Welcome to Cornwall in Cornish Photoshopped you say? I was referring to the text after "Welcome to Cornwall". To everyone who thinks I meant Cornwall is fake, I know it's not, I have been there and it is horrendous. There's tonnes to do, I literally don't have time for all the things I want to do in Cornwall, I also live here.

Home of My Ancestors

My ancestors on my fathers side hail from Cornwall, traced all the way back to the 1600's! Cornwall is real, I've been there I live there Who has the best clotted cream? I don't know if Cornwall is somehow distorted by the mercator projection and it actually stretches halfway across the Atlantic but fuck me it takes an age to drive through that county. I went on a trip to Devon and Cornwall. can't wait to go to uni to see somewhere else, then perhaps be able to appreciate Cornwall.

I went to Cornwall for the first time last month and it was gorgeous! He/She went to Cornwall for the first time last month and he/she thought it was gorgeous.

It used to say " welcome to Cornwall, thanks for your money, now fuck off. " I'm from Cornwall, Canada. Mmm those hotdogs I live in Cornwall. Please stop reposting these edited welcome to Cornwall signs. Cars these days have their own WIFI Cornwall We've barely got cars down here pard, never heard of this fancy big city wifi But you gets Trago so you are happy as a pig in shit! So I drove her to Cornwall. Once had a dead car battery in Cornwall.

In Truro

Mate, Truro is probably the least boring place in Cornwall. Cornwall is a change of pace to anyone. I can see that for sure, but it's a very small place overall: You're having a fucking laugh mate. It was a long time ago, and I have no ideas where one stopped and the other started, but I liked it and thought it was really pretty. I'm so sorry to hear that Theres literally dozens of us! And don't get me started on who really invented the pasty.

It's heaven in Devon! Why would they make jokes about the things strippers put on their nipples? Oh, well then, guess I probably won't be making it out that way. I bet you put the jam on first, you savage. Imagine a sprawling Nirvana, join it onto a rotting cesspit called Devon. Haha yeah it's crazy to think the A30 starts as a 6 Lane road in London and finishes up as a track covered in cow shit! That's not a Cornish Sign it's spelling is too good. That would have been fair like 10 years ago when domtar was a thing. Glad I only have to visit there a few times a year. Big up the fellow Cornish folks on this thread! The only bad part of the trip was Stonehenge.

Here is what the sign actually looks like.

Better then devon You hush your pasty eating mouth. mass murders of families usually by own offspring is rife. But the scenery is something I wouldn't want to miss. I'm American. At least you've got bars that don't shut at 11pm! But these were really tasty from some little bakery we happened upon. Can you explain the hatred for Devon? But only because it has Plymouth in it. Cornish How dare you. You can't even get the jam and cream in the right order on the scone Talk to me when you crimp a pasty the right way Devon invented the pasty you fucking pointyhead. It takes an hour to drive 20 miles in some places. Pasties I think smaller is better in this case. Yeah Is it just me or is that the McPoyle family crest? It's a waste of time. Been twice now and I'm an American.

Coz our roads were built for cows instead of cars! No, it's because the roads are insane by American standards. I can't wait to go back.

And Because of the History

There used to be so many old china clay drying / processing sheds around St.Austell, with underground railways / tunnels etc. It was amazing when I started to follow and it went all the way to Point. There's a huge abandoned waterwheel, loads of tiny canals, and a long aqueduct/viaduct hybrid that goes across the valley. The shipwreck center used to store unused dummys in the tunnel - very very scary when I found them. There's one around on the road from the clay factory, with all the garden centre shops and whatnot on it. Sometimes when I'm a little homesick I go on Google Street View for Devoran to look around my village. Just outside of Falmouth in Ponsanooth there is the old kennal vale gun powderworks in the woods. Its a shame that they started building at the old factory in Perranarworthal, that place was awesome and I filmed one of my projects in there. Check out 28 days later, a pretty big Urban Exploration forum with lots of field reports. There was a path/small road that started at Devoran Quay and ended up at Point.