Anyone have any good spots that can hold 20-30 people, provide dinner as well as a space to run some small shower games?

I do, I do!!!

How We Came To the Garden Party Idea

I know 20-30 is small. But my backyard isn't the biggest and the more people that got invited the tighter the fit. And I wanted to avoid over crowding. Which would make it less pleasant.

I was invited to a coworkers engagement party and not the wedding and honestly it was no big deal I'd be cautious about the whole 'this relative won't come' thing.

But I think the only etiquette here is to invite the former boss, which you're planning on doing. I have a worse problem - I invited someone to the wedding who I currently work with, because I was inviting everyone else in the team. Advice on how you've made decisions when it comes to guest list? In my opinion, if you had thrown the party and invited them, then they should be invited to the wedding.

Also, if it's an engagement party in your honour, thrown by a former boss, I don't see a problem in not inviting those people to the actual wedding - it's not you inviting them to the party.

I assumed he meant he just wanted to have the two of us over for dinner-like we sometimes do.

Some Bridal Shower Games That Didn't Suck

At my wedding shower, my mom brought toilet paper and everyone broke off into groups of four, they picked a "bride" and got 2 rolls of toilet paper to design a wedding dress.

Entertaining bridal shower, now with 100% fewer stupid games! I Well wait, did she mean no corny games, like you're assuming, or are you sure she didn't mean no games at all? I was at a bridal shower where we went to a glass artist, and the bride got to hand blow her own vase.
Just remember -- there are no laws saying what you do and don't have to do at a bridal shower. I think the dumb shower games are great, tbh. I am thrilled, but as a guy, my perspective on some of the things I have to plan is pretty limited, including the wedding shower, which is 80s-themed.

The best part is making them do a catwalk at the end with toilet paper falling off with every step. Minute-to-win-it games are super goofy and fun too, and there are a million of them to pick from. If your joint ideal bridal shower is watching Terminator and eating pizza, do that. My sister is a creative, smart, sassy, no-BS woman who told me, "No one is fucking playing 'Bridal Bingo' at this party. " I have been asked by my sister to be the "Man of Honor" for her wedding. The party is 80s-themed, taking place at a function facility attached to a restaurant, and there will be about 45 people there.

I wonder if Cards Against Humanity has an expansion pack that is wedding or bridal themed. So sit down with your sister and find out what the two of you would like to do. I'd ask your sister what she wants to do, given that it's not your wedding.

at one I attended recently, the maid of honor had also emailed the groom some questions- about their first date/kiss, the wedding details, etc.

You would think that you're inviting people that might give sage and hilarious advice for the new bride?

She would like games, but she doesn't want them to be corny. aw, this sounds fun because everyone participates, but it's still all about the bride! Maybe take some of the suggestions from the websites and show them to her to feel things out. :) Perhaps test every game you find in your online searches with this measure: would grandma be offended? So er. drinking games? I was at the friend's table, everyone else was her relative.

The best bridal shower I ever went to involved accompanying the bridge lingering shopping, buying a shitload of cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon, and then going back to the bride's house to eat the cinnamon rolls, drink, and watch Coraline. Shit got really competitive at my friend's a few weeks ago when there was a pop quiz about her and the top 3 winners won from goodie bags.

Saving Money on Shower Refreshments

Like the wine labels I made one day when I was bored at work that are an homage to our cat. ETA: I would still rather elope if it was solely my decision and hired a nice photographer. We are likely coming in over budget, but I don't have the heart to add up the numbers. I'm generally frugal so this wedding is hurting my soul but there is a bright side to the cloud. One of the aspects that make the garden party so attractive is that there is a lot to be said about the versatile aspects of your backyard and how you can make it really whatever you want. It really is a versatile space.

45k not including e-ring, honeymoon, gifts, and other small decor Columbus Oh My mom contributed 2. 5k for my dress and 750 for the bar.

And I hear you on the detail splurges, that's been my weak spot in planning. With a do over, I would have it in my home state. I am happy with the little things that are putting us over.

Let's talk budgets: What is your budget? itd be cheaper and I would know the area better. Did anyone help you out or are you totally i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t? They were the best $50 I have spent on this shindig, haha. What would you cut/add if you had a do-over? Where is your wedding? Do you think you're going to come in over/under? Hahaha that wine label is amazing. Future in laws offered to pay for rehearsal dinner.

I refuse not to be. We'll be in budget.

Doing it all on our own. Hi, wedditors! $20k in central Ohio.

The Rewarding Side of the Garden

Does anyone have recommendations for a place to host a Bridal Shower in or somewhat? This is how it started. My suggestion was simple. Backyard garden party.

It just so happened that I had the backyard and the garden.

They're pretty basic, but they're usually very affordable, offer plenty of room and decent service, and the food is pretty good. We're looking for a place that will provide food and drinks for $19/pp or less. That Meetball Place on main street has a large room in the back that could be good for a bridal shower. I am not sure about prices But they do host a lot of things on their second floor Good call thank you. Her fiancé is a volunteer but apparently didn't go on enough calls or something to be in "good standing" to get a room. Try calling the other main st bars, I know bobbiques does events in their back room. Due to circumstances with the bride's family the Bridesmaids are hosting and paying for the shower. We had our enagement party at the Coram Fire Dept because my Aunt lives in Coram.

Some Other Ideas Included

I am hosting a small bridal shower for my sister who lives in grand rapids.
The YMCA downtown has showers, but I don't know if they'll let all 25 of you use them at once. I haven't used them but I know Byron Center Recreation has nice rooms for rent. If you need help showering 20-25 women at at time, I can help. I am familiar with the area, but don't live there - so any suggestions on good event spaces that don't cost an arm and a leg? We had our rehearsal dinner here, food was really good and they have some nice sized rooms.
Not sure of price, but I went to a reception there and it was very well done.

The Best One Every Included A Garden

The best bridal shower that I ever attended was at a lovely estate.

The Best wedding I have been to was a small intimate one on the Vanderbilt estate, just the ceremony. The place was gorgeous and perfect for our small wedding last year. I know the North Bellmore one is for anyone, they got a big sign out front saying so. I know many of the firehouses rent out those places, I'm across the street from one and they had a wedding just recently.

My parents have a pretty sweet backyard but I want to weigh all my options before settling with that. It was only about 600 for nonresidents for four hours of party and two hours of set up. its really nice looking and have a wedding package that pretty much includes everything . The best part is because the cost of the ceremony is technically a donation it was all tax deductible. The room can probably hold 60-100 people, but there won't be parking for that many cars, and it's in a residential area. I know it's a little under $10k, but I'm not sure of the exact price offhand. I thought it'd be way to much but I guess not =) Exactly why my friend chose it. Fantastic venue, I'd check the pricing but I know it's very affordable. I'll see if I have any pics here and will add them if I do. The reception was held on the second floor of a very, very nice restaurant down the road.

We dressed up the tables with cloth tablecloths and centerpieces but it was so beautiful that we didn't really do much else. It's in Wading River which is a bit of a trek if you're in the Nassau area. We had a family reunion there last year, because one of our cousins is a member. Keep in mind, this was a casual paper tablecloths, pizza and bagels thing on a Sunday morning.

Hah, I just posted here about a week or two ago about wedding venues. The layout is great, with a side room for the buffet, a place to set up/store the food, and a wet bar in the main room.