From An American's Perspective

Isolation could be a key however I feel that today cornwall is no less isolated than Devon. That means, I really want to have people from outside of London to tell me how they feel about the issue. I'm conducting a study on the psychological impacts of immigration for my Master and I want to get a sample as broad as possible. Seems like a long time ago now so would be interesting to see how his findings hold up today. People may be funny around you at first but once they get to know you they drop the act. :) Well I maintain my idea that if I want the right to be able to move to another country; - then so should others.

If you have 5 spare minutes have a look at the link below.

I fear cornwall is unfortunately rather racist in comparison to other corners of the UK, but its more like conditioning than it is just being a horrible person.

Why do you think Cornwall is more racist in comparison?