Legit Cornwall

It's legally part of England, I don't think there's a majority there for them to become a devolved nation like Wales or Scotland. Cornwall is not England, it's Cornwall or Kernow. Cornwall.

It appears his attacker was aiming for his testicles Wow, no mercy among pasty bakers apparently Pasty, not Pastry apparently, thanks u/jahboots ! I think Cornwall would benefit greatly from becoming its own devolved nation, both culturally and economically. I was surprised to read that there's still a lot of hostility in Wales to your devolved assembly.

Gun control now Ekhm, in Scotland you need police permits for airgun ownership. why am I not surprised lol UK slowly turn to USA gun crime levels This is a fake story. Cornwall is a good example to Wales, and to a lesser extent Scotland, of what will happen if we don't support our national institutions, complete assimilation. *pasty It's a local delicacy. Bonkers really, we've centuries of Westminster only rule to recall, and it's hardly a record of glittering administration. I was posting only to wind up Rule Britannia types, but can't disagree with all of what you've said.

Cornwall away from civilisation, like the sound of it Another day, another terrorist attack. the scourge of fake news, slander on Cornwall's good name Oh god not the Pasty Wars again when will people learn!! Honestly Cornwall is just like Wales without big cities.

Nobody else is reporting this and the website in the OP allows anybody to sign up and create their own articles. Thanks, the whole ordeal has many of us shaken up but we will be okay PRAY FOR CORNWALL! I am devastated to have all my prejudices about cornwall smashed like that.
The two companies have been feuding for years ever since Harry Hocking poached one of Polglazes top crimpers, Sidney "Some Boy" Stevens, from Drump Road Redruth. I would support it too. I heard they even play football halfway competently now.

This is Chicago level violence has to stop. It's not just the English immigrants, although the vast majority of those are anti anything that differentiates Wales from England, a significant and vocal minority of Welshmen are against the Assembly too. Right now it's a bit forgotten in England. Surely you meant to say "American Carnage level" old chap ? THE LANCASHIRE ROSE WILL NEVER BE VANQUISHED FROM IT'S RIGHTFUL PLACE ON THE THRONE #MLGA Easy now, that kind of talk can get you shot with an air rifle! That is so fucking Cornwall!

A local delicacy which isn't theirs rest of Britain whenever the "who inventend the cornish pasty" thing kicks off again -#GreenArmy If England falls into civil war again, it'll either be the Cornwall and Devon war or Lancashire and Yorkshire again. I guess having a large English population contributes to that.

I'd support it, though. It's no warning.

This reminds me of the Fischbrötchenkrieg in Stralsund where a bunch of competing fish bun sellers attacked each other, beat up the deputy mayor and all ended up in jail for that. Well this is definitely legit cornwall. Culinary traditions taken seriously, obviously.