The Disappearing Path

Man I've only ever been once to the south coast but it always amazes me how blue it looks around there. This would be a way better picture if you hadn't whacked up the saturation, because it looks wayyyyyy too blue. the one with the person in has a better foreground, and the one without him in has a better background. Unfortunately the nature of tides means that they won't consider waiting while you prepare to get your feet wet. It's St Michaels Mount, near Marazion and not far from Penzance I hope you don't care people are sharing this picture. I have flux turned on, and my brightness is on 0 in a dark room, so fair point.

If that looks right to you, you need to get your monitor calibrated.

I actually like it your way but I'm not an expert Ha, sorry, didn't mean for that to come across so bluntly. I thought we were better than this. Spending two minutes taking off your shoes means you get a wet midriff instead of just wet shins. If I were you, I would sign up Pixsy and put the image up so you can keep track of it's use. :) Never been down the Rame river/ area - I suppose I'll have to explore there in the summer;) thanks for the shoutout! The water is reflecting the sky and everything looks very blue in the shot. I personally prefer to have full white and full black in my images - not blown out white, but at least a full range of values.
But it's difficult as I can't even tell what time of day it is. If you don't want your photos to be featured on the Instagram, please respond to this comment. If you want any additional links added such as your Instagram, Flickr, etc, then send me a PM or reply to this message. :) make sure to explore the areas around as there is normally a nice, quiet, and very beautiful spot to go to.

It could very well have looked like that in early morning but IMO it still looks off. You know there's a boat to get out there and back when the tide is in? tbh this would be so much better without the person in it op posted both his pictures. Be careful, that's where the woman in black lives I was there last week. Plus we've been having some lovely weather, it's been several weeks and 9/10 days have been wonderful so get down while it lasts!! You can get there with a 30 minute ferry from Plymouth but if you drive there, go along the road above Whitsand bay. For our next trick, visit the south coast of Antarctica. A couple spots that I know of in Cornwall have it so if you're ever down this was and want some far less touristy beaches/ cliffs give me a shout! Need to go there this summer You really blue it this time OP! Leap of Faith This looks like a still from an Uncharted game. If anything looks remotely colorful or edited they think it's "over saturated". Michael's Mount and right across the channel past Jersey, the French have Mont St.

Watching everyone stop to take off their shoes and roll up their trousers. Far too blue mate, it's can get bluish depending on the day but it's mainly that washed out blue that you see in the UKs water. Michael's Mount, down on the south coast.

Thank you for notifying me and featuring the image on the IG account. Looks feels like a scenery from final fantasy Composition is also nailed Awesome! Thanks for the link I use to use some janky software that reverse image searched my images in bulk - this is exactly what I've been looking for.

I was reading through the replies in speed mode on break. Something like this just feels a bit more realistic to me. This is just with Auto-Levels in PS. Checked out your website. The English have St. Could you please link my Instagram.

Regards Jason Of course, added!

What in the hell is wrong with people's brains on this forum? The clearest water I've ever seen.
far too much red Not my website, but thanks! It's St. Michel, and they're both picturesque islands in the middle of tidal flats? Lots of forts along the coastline too, I loved it! Go to Fortin Sargento Cabral and head south thirty clicks. The water is reflecting the sky genius. Where in Cornwall is this? I've always wanted to go here! Huh, I was wondering why it looked so small. hello, I'm definitely looking for the places less travelled :) Wasson man! It's a tiny fishing village that felt so unspoilt and sleepy. I've spotted a few times already on imgur. So much fun when the tide comes in. Massive fan of St Agnes Head and Trevellas.

Thanks - unfortunately thats always a risk when sharing images online. The question is, who did it first? Just spent a week in Cawsand on the Rame peninsula. I found the happy camper! South coast found! Good to have you as a visitor