The Eden Project

Who else thought of the artist now known as EDEN but previously went with the name, The Eden Project? The Eden Project is basically a big botanical garden. Hobbiton 2200 AD Top comment It's a wonderful place to visit, my in laws live 5 minutes away from Eden project. Austell was the main export point for the china clay, but not much of that is mined in Cornwall now. The cgi in that everything about that film was a total shitshow from start to finish.

I forget the name, but wasn't there a post-apocolyptic BBC series filmed here, or was that another place like this? Near St Austell, Cornwall, UK. "Sain Ausall" in case you need to ask a local for directions ;-) St awful you mean Much of Cornwall is past its heyday of the 1980s. The domes are bigger than they look. A couple of years ago they showed Silent Runnings there, which has similar biome-style pods on the spaceships. The cgi in that film was a total shitshow from start to finish. That was the name of a pretty good band too, now named Eden. I think it's about 600 meters in total and it gives you a great view of the whole place! It was actually featured in Die Another Day Die Another Day Wow, that looks crappier than I remember. came to say this When I was a kid, I visited that seems pit when it was a working China clay pit. It has two greenhouses, both of which top the list as the largest in the world. It's like the photoshopped it in front of the Sydney Opera House, and drew digital snow on it. I visited a couple of years ago.

You could look at the screen to see the ships then look out the window to see the biomes lit up in the night. If you're looking for a route to transport your water tankers through, look no further.

Being in there at 10 o'clock at night and drunk as hell is a surreal experience. The photo almost looks like a rendering. It was in a Jane bond movie, the one with Halle berry So it is real! It does look like something from a sci fi film wonder how much it costs to maintain a biome Well watering your house plants doesn't cost too much.

unlucky Just needs a sun with a giant baby face on it I went there only two weeks ago and had a great time. shhh, someone from california might hear you Not to worry, we're underwater now. To all those who go, I recommend doing the zipline that stretches across the valley. It's named after the American sci fi series So proud to see this on here. A friend of mine coincidentally started working there a couple of months ago. But it's got some good roads now, so you can get in and out quick.

Pictured: Zaofu - Home of the Metal Clan and safest city in the world. I would love to visit this place! Unless, you're in S. California--don't know how you all are doing. Very cool! now I want to go Its pretty cool. It's just a little bit different now, and well worth the trip. Silent Running has to be in the list of top 100 must-see films. This reminds me of the teletubbies And it removes all pollution! How cool. Came across some beautiful Californian poppies in the arid biome.

Didn't I see this in a Pauly Shore movie? It truly is the gem of my home county! No more pipeline banditos down here, no sir. It's all a bit run down now. One 'biome' is Mediterranean, one is tropical. It's all a bit sad. There are quite a few buildings with a flower design. .